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Kutu İçeriği: 4 × 25 gram vakumlanmış çekirdek kahve.


Burunda: Yaseminli Yeşil Çay, Çiçeksi

Damakta: Portakal, Müşküle Üzümü, Marzipan, Çarkıfelek Meyvesi, Sarı Meyveler


Ülke: Brazil
Bölge: Pedralva

Çiftlik: Santa Catarina

Üretici: Sebastião Alexandre da Silva

İşleme Tekniği: Natural

Rakım: 1275 m.a.s.l

Hasat Yılı: 2024
Varyete: Yellow Icatu

Cupping Score: 88

Kavurma Profili: Filtre

Degassing: Kavrum tarihinden itibaren 7-10 gündür.

DiFluid Omni Agtron: 95.2


The Santa Catarina site is the result of a family’s passion for coffee. The story of the production begins in the 1980s when Sebastião Alexandre’s grandfather passed away and left the land as an inheritance for his children. Shortly thereafter, it was they who started the coffee plantation in 1983. At that time, Sebastião’s father, Mr. Benedito Faustino da Silva, along with his wife, Rosa Martins da Silva, made the first planting aided by his eldest son. . There began the story of coffee on the farm.


The early years were the hardest. The coffees did not reach good quality of drink and to get worse, soon after, a heavy frost hit the region and destroyed most of the plants. Discouraged by where the first coffees had been planted, they decided it was time to look ahead and they chose a higher location for the new planting. From then on, the passion for coffee was passed on to the family.

Grateful for the partnership with CarmoCoffees, they credit the good results recently obtained with the guidance and constant charging of the team located in the Pedra Branca wetmill. Now they are more attentive to crop care, doing soil analysis, studying how to prune, and also working hard on postharvest processes, with hanging yards and new ways to process coffee. Optimistic, they expect results and recognition this year to be constant over the next few years and say they will not measure efforts to make it happen.

Brazil Santa Catarina Yellow Icatu

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